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Interested in helping out, or just curious about what we're doing? Then you're on the right page

Welcome. We are the Liberal Democrats' local party for the borough of Wandsworth, which covers three constituencies: Battersea, Putney and Tooting. 

We are dedicated to defending and promoting liberal values and we do that by talking to and supporting our local communities, providing them with political representation, and putting forward candidates to Parliament, the London Assembly and Wandsworth Council.

We are a friendly and welcoming bunch, so if you wish to learn more about what we are doing, are interested in helping out, or are just curious about what the Liberal Democrats stand for, please do get in touch. 

Why are you contacting us today?

  • Terrific, we are always looking for more people to help. Here is the absolute best way you can do that:

    1. Go to the volunteer page on this website, fill it in, and submit the form. This will provide us with all the information we need.
    2. Email us to let us know you have just volunteered. That will allow us to get back to you fast. 
    3. If you are interested in helping out mostly in your constituency, then email for Battersea, for Putney, or for Tooting.
    4. If you are interested more in things at the Wandsworth level e.g. the council, then email
  • Members are the lifeblood of a political organisation so welcome and thank you. The best way to become a member and let us know about it so we can get in contact is to:

    1. Click on the Join button at the top right - this will take you straight to the member sign-up page - or scroll down to the bottom of this page
    2. Fill in the details and submit and Lib Dem HQ will take care of it from there
    3. Let us know you've signed up! Otherwise there will be a delay between you becoming a member and your local party (us) getting in touch
    4. Best way to do that: email our membership officer at
  • Welcome back. The best and fastest way to do this is:

    1. Click on the Join button at the top right - this will take you straight to the member sign-up page
    2. Once there, click on the text just below "Join us today" that says: "Want to renew an existing membership?"
    3. That should guide you through the process. Note: you will need your membership number. If you don't know it (who does?) you can either look through old emails from Lib Dem HQ -- it should be at the bottom of the email -- or you can email or call HQ. Details on that webpage.
    4. You can jump straight to the member renewal page here (link works at the time of writing. If it's dead, follow the steps above - and then let us know so we can fix it (email:
    5. Let us know you've renewed! Email our membership officer at
  • Active engagement is exactly what we're looking for. Here's the best way to get stuck in:

    1. Go to our Events page - which lists all the public upcoming events we have
    2. Click on and register for the event(s) and then simply turn up on the day
    3. We do have meetings that we don't advertise on the website - action group meetings and the like
    4. If you are interested in attending one of those, the fastest and easiest solution is to email our membership officer at
    5. If you want to get in contact with a specific constituency, then email for Battersea, for Putney, or for Tooting.
  • We have a whole section of this website dedicated to what we stand for and what our position on various issues are. Please take a look at it.

    If you are still left with questions, there is the national party's website and current its main policies are available at this link:

    If you want to know what we are currently campaigning on, go to our campaigns webpage.

    If you are interested in our diversity approach, you can find that here.

  • You are not the only one. If you are feeling particularly frustrated right now - we've all been there - and there isn't an event coming up very soon, then you have several options:

    1. Use the emergency email line
    2. Hit us up on social media. You can direct message us, or namecheck us on X (Twitter) @WandsLD or @PutneyLibDems
    3. You can message us on Facebook
  • It's because putting a telephone number out on the internet is pretty much a guaranteed way of getting swamped with scams, crank calls and so on.

    But if you contact us via email or social media or come to an event and we interact in person, it will be far friendlier and immediate. Currently, we use WhatsApp quite a lot.

    Hopefully this explains why there's a timelag barrier. If we find a better solution, we'll put it in place.

Click the arrow next to the option that most closely reflects why you want to contact us and an answer should appear beneath it.

If for whatever reason you still can't find what you're looking for, email us at and we'll get right back.

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  • Vote in future Liberal Democrat leadership elections.
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As a member you can:

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